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Wet Stuff Strawberry 100g Tube

Wet Stuff Strawberry 100g Tube

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Delicious and fun!

Wet Stuff Strawberry is a delicious, edible, clear, silky lubricant to enhance your intimate pleasure. Now even longer lasting, it's initially mildly warming to sensitive skin. Strawberry is a favourite taste and with this improved formulation the fun will go on longer.

  • ? compatible with condoms
  • ? hypoallergenic
  • ? pH balanced
  • ? easily and quickly changes to the pH of the body fluid
  • ? edible
  • ? sugar-free

Wet Stuff contains no perfumes, colourings or oils and won’t harm or stain fabrics.

Only use as directed. If irritation occurs, discontinue use; if it persists, consult a doctor. Safe for use with all condoms and latex products,

For fabrics, soak in water only, then rinse well before a normal wash. Sponge out of carpet with plain water. Very slippery if spilled; clean up immediately. Read the full label before use.