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Orders & Payments

All prices are in Australian Dollars All prices are inclusive of GST 
If any ordered product is not available or out of stock, we will contact you within 72 hours and discuss alternatives to meet your requirements. 
If we are unable to meet your requirements, you may choose a credit or a refund. 
If a product has been replaced by a significantly better product of the same type, during the catalogue cycle we will send that product automatically. 

Accepted Payments

Cheque - Make your personal, company or bank cheque payable to AdamnEve and post it with your order attached. 
Money Order - Visit your local Post Office and ask for an Australian Money Order payable to AdamnEve and post it with your order attached. 
Visa or Master Card - (Your charge will appear as Cansecure) Credit card orders can be placed by fax, post, email, web or phone. 
Direct Deposit (phone or web) - At the completion of placing an order you will be supplied a reference number. This number is important and you must remember to include it in the direct deposit transaction. When ordering by fax, email or post, include your direct deposit receipt and use your customer number as the reference number.
Paypal - Web orders only (AdamCan Pty Ltd will appear on your statement)