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Romantic Rendezvous Game

Romantic Rendezvous Game

Relationship Enrichments Systems
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Romantic Rendezvous embodies two different games that are each extraordinary and intriguing. They can each be played separately to offer a different romantic experience or they can be played together. The Romantic Rendezvous board game is a complete and wonderful experience for a husband and wife to share together.

The game offers over 120 different activities that are detailed on a beautifully designed board. During the game, you and your spouse will have the opportunity to experience intimacy, sharing, romance, loving and playful activities; meaningful and informative communication; hugging, kissing and touching.

The Romantic Rendezvous Card Game is a game of self-expression and communication,giving and receiving, and will add some spice to your marriage and love making. The card game consists of 54 romance cards with each containing fun, playfully adventurous and intimate activities for the two of you.


  • a board game,
  • a card game with 54 Romance Cards,
  • instructions for all game possibilities,
  •  two tokens and
  • a die.