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Lelo Siri 2 Black
Lelo Siri 2 Black
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Lelo Siri 2 Black

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The world's first wireless music vibrator that's perfectly in tune with your body! Featuring core upgrades on the original SIRI design, SIRI 2 houses a powerful new motor with double the vibration strength, 100% waterproof functionality, and a brand new talent for music!

What makes SIRI 2 stand out is 8 pre-set vibration patterns inspired by musical beats and an all-new setting where the vibrations are controlled by sound – any sound, whether it’s your favorite playlist, your lover’s voice, singing, moaning, or music, it will vibrate to the tone and beat of any sound that’s near. SOUND CONTROL MODE - The strong vibrations of sound-response mode react to any ambient noise, like music or your voice, allowing you to control and align the sensations to melt into the moment.

100% WATERPROOF AND DOUBLE THE POWER - Waterproof and fully-rechargeable, the new SIRI 2 features an enhanced motor and LELO’s trademark silicone that feels exquisite to touch, taking the sensual experience to ever more luxurious heights. 8 NEW MUSICAL VIBES - Each of the 8 non-sound mode stimulation patterns is designed to evoke feelings of a musical genre. The vibrating patterns represent the likes of classical, reggae, rumba, folk, hip hop, soul, techno, and jazz. The 9th setting is sound-responsive for whatever your heart (and loins) desire.

EXPERT VOCAL TRAINING TOOL - Providing targeted massages with a silky silicone tip, the original SIRI became famous as a voice training device, and has since gained viral appeal for training the vocal chords of stage actors, singers and performers alike.

THE MUSIC VIBRATOR Combining the emotion of music with the vibrations of pleasure, SIRI 2 is an ultra-powerful palm-held massager that responds to ambient noise – whether it’s your favorite playlist or your lover’s voice. SIRI 2 is 100% more powerful than the original and now it’s fully waterproof too. With 8 additional pre-set vibration patterns inspired by different musical genres, including classical, reggae, jazz, techno and more, this massager will have you singing from the rooftops.


  • Sound Responsive
  • Great for your vocal chords
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully rechargeable
  • 2 hours use on 1 charge
  • Silicone-covered tip As with all LELO products
  • Siri is made with 100% body-safe silicone and arrives in a luxury gift box with charger, user manual and 1-Year warranty included.