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Vibratone Duo Balls Unisex Purple

Vibratone Duo Balls Unisex Purple

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Vibratone Duo Balls Unisex Purple Rocking balls

Made of two linked 'balls' in body-friendly elastomed material, each acrylic sphere has a smaller metal sphere inside that moves with each step or movement, encouraging stronger internal muscles. A handy retrieval cord ensures this item is easy to use.

  • To strengthen kegel muscles
  • Perfect for women that suffer from incontinence and for women after birth
  • Most women notice improvement almost immediately
  • Purple Colour
  • Approximately 35mm in diameter (1 3/8 inches) and
  • each ball is connected by a secure nylon cord.
  • Weight approx 56g

Not considered waterproof as they have a small hole which joins the two balls together. Clean with a spray toy cleaner on the string and ball. Pat or air dry.