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Silicone Breast Double 500g

Silicone Breast Double 500g

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Wearable Bosom

Breast forms are available in all sorts of shapes, colors and with the most diverse nipples. It is soft and flexible to move naturally when worn. Of course, this wearable bosom can be wither worn as an insert in a bra. or with the adjustable transparent strap that doesn’t require a bra. It is durable and easy to use. The back has a slight concave so that the breasts cling well to the chest. It is suitable for women who have a very small cup, or for anyone wanting to ‘upgrade’ a little.

  • For people who’ve had a mastectomy these can be used as a breast replacement or to restore lost curves.
  • For crossdressers or your favourite role-playing game.
  • For people who a dramatic increase in bust size without costly and risky surgery.
  • For special occasions under costumes, even gin gowns, wedding dresses, Prom dresses and so on.

Time to switch for extra fun! Or…just and punch and squeeze it when you feel stressed!

Avoid sharp points such as scissors or knives.

Make sure the item is in good condition before use.

Wash with lukewarm water and mild detergent.

Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid hot temperatures